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I consider the present and future needs of my wife in all my personal planning decisions: my wife comes first. I designed the WOMEN FIRST program because of the decisions my mom and dad made and the profound negative impact those decisions had on my mother's retirement and elderly care. In recent years, numerous middle-aged male friends of mine have died, been seriously injured, or encountered divorce, leaving their wives as sole providers of the family and sole managers of the finances. Proper financial and estate planning helps to ensure that women in such circumstances will not have to live their lives in an undignified or government dependent situation, nor will they have to burden their children for their care in old age.

WOMEN FIRST is a series of workshops that goes into depth about the unique financial challenges faced by today's women. Our goal is to help women avoid living the later years of their lives in discomfort or even poverty due to lack of financial planning. With fifty-six as the average age of today's widow, the absence of a spouse's income can have a catastrophic effect on the surviving female spouse, who on average lives at least five years more than her husband.

If you are a part of a women's group or other organization and would like Ted Snow, CFP®, MBA to speak at an event, or if you wish to have a complimentary private consultation regarding your finances, please contact us to schedule a date and time. 

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