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New Website - Come in and Take a Look Around

New Website - Come in and Take a Look Around

| January 25, 2017

Hello Friends,

Happy new year all, here we are in 2017!  A new year and a brand new look for the website has arrived.  Please visit my new website and explore the treasure trove of creative and informative videos on a myriad of topics and the aesthetics of a new look and feel.  Be sure to look through each page throughout the site and stay a whole to get a feel of what Snow Financial Group LLC is all about and who we are.  You never know what great insight you’ll find. 

We have also added a blog for timely topics that will, hopefully, pique your interests. I will be writing and posting on different topics, from time to time, that will be available for you to view by coming back frequently to the website.  I will also be uploading these blog posts on Twitter and LinkedIn so that you can read them there, Retweet them, or share with your social network connections on LinkedIn.

In addition, please scroll down to the bottom of the home page and download the Snow Financial Group, LLC app from either the Google Play store, if you use an Android phone, or the Apple Store, if you are an Apple user.  Just type in Snow Financial Group and you should see my mountain logo pop up to know you are choosing the correct app.

Jump in, the water is fine when you explore the new website.  Stay, view, and read for as long as you desire.  I encourage you to recommend the app and web address to your friends if they want a great place to go to get good information on financial matters.  You and your friends are always welcome to visit me here. 

Finally, I’d love to get your feedback about our new site, smart phone app, and my blog, once I get some posting done.  Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!  Ted