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Characteristics Found in People of the Greatest Generation

Characteristics Found in People of the Greatest Generation

| January 26, 2018

My dad died at age 75 when I was age 30.  He was an older dad and I was his last son and child.  I think of my dad a lot and have grown to appreciate him and his character more as I get older.  Why? I am my dad’s son and I feel like I’ve learned a few of the characteristics found in people of the greatest generation and these characteristics are true, rock solid, and time tested.  I’m still working on perfecting them, especially humility, although I know it will take me the rest of my life, I press on!

They have helped me through dilemas and hard times I’ve been faced with in life.  For the 30 years he was in my life, I’m grateful to God for having given my dad to me, I’m grateful to my dad for having been an example of these character traits that help guide my life, personally and professionally. 

If you know/knew someone from the greatest generation, you’ll now what I’m talking about and I hope that you will reflect on that person’s influence on your life and how he/she demonstrated these characteristics that you see/saw in them. 

The following link is the article I read, written by Will Adams the marketing director for the Tarkenton Companies, that encouraged me to write this short blog post. 

I wish you fond memories of your loved ones as you read through the linked article.

Blessings, Ted