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Financial Planning Services

Regardless of your financial planning goals, Snow Financial Group, LLC can help you to identify the appropriate products and services tailored to fit your direction and aspirations. During our consultations, we will help you to identify the most appropriate services for your financial needs and discuss the array of products best suited for your situation. This process helps to ensure that you are fully aware of the numerous opportunities available to you and within your reach in the financial market. Below is a comprehensive list of the wealth of services offered by Snow Financial Group, LLC specifically designed to help you thrive throughout your financial life.

*Asset protection plans should be developed and implemented well before problems arise. Due to the fraudulent transfer laws, asset transfers that occur close in proximity to the filing of a lawsuit or bankruptcy can be interpreted by the court as a fraudulent transfer. Proper structuring of these assets is imperative please seek proper legal and tax advice prior to engaging in re-titling/structuring of any assets. Please note that laws are subject to change and can have an impact on your asset protection strategy.

**Asset Allocation does not guarantee against loss. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

*** Alternative Investments are often speculative, lack liquidity, lack diversification, are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as securities and mutual funds, may involve complex tax structures and delays in distributing important tax information, and may involve substantial fees. These products often execute trades on non-U.S. exchanges. Investing in foreign markets may entail risks that differ from those associated with investments in U.S. markets. These investments may not be appropriate for all investors.

****Kestra Investment Services, LLC and its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice. Any decisions whether to implement these ideas should be made by the client in consultation with professional financial, tax, and legal counsel.

*****Investments in real estate are speculative and involve a high degree of risk including, but not limited to: loss of principal, variations in occupancy which may negatively impact cash flow, illiquidity. The manager has broad authority and discretion over the real estate and the terms of financing; the various fees paid to the manager and its affiliates are significant and may offset profits related to the ownership and operation of the real estate. Real estate investments are often leveraged: leverage may increase volatility and may increase the risk of investment loss. Cash distributions to you may constitute a return of your own capital and may be paid from proceeds of the offering, e.g. reserves. There are a number of significant tax risks and tax issues involved with the purchase of an interest in real estate. Investors should consult their own tax advisors and legal counsel. The material contained here, does not constitute an offer to buy or sell real estate, Securities or insurance.